Worries are piling up on investors’ minds: a pandemic, elections, the Fed, trade war and the coronavirus stock market crash. But while others panic, Alan Ahmatovic, CFA, financial analyst of Apriem Advisors sees opportunity.

Here’s an excerpt of the interview:

“There will likely be a lot more volatility than investors are used to … but, if anything, that will just create good buying opportunities for us,” said Ahmatovic. “There’s currently a lot of fear and emotion in markets, which typically leads to excessive volatility. We’re ready for that … and also to take advantage of it.”

To Alan, it’s important to stay focused on the fundamentals. Analysts are scrambling to estimate what the spread of coronavirus will mean for economic growth and corporate profits.

What do you do when you’re bullish on stocks, but recognize the economy and market are past the late stages of the cycle?

It’s time to be both “slightly more defensive and more opportunistic,” Ahmatovic said.

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