Our President, Rhonda Ducote, was recently recognized by Southern California Hospice Foundation for her role in bringing the Heavenly Home to fruition and building its Endowment.

“We have found the right home, and once it opens, we are committed to starting another property. My vision is that this will multiply tenfold. I see this as being a multi-generational nonprofit. When we have dozens of Heavenly Homes and an Endowment that keeps these operating in perpetuity, then everyone that needs a loving home for the last stage will have one.”

Opening in 2021, the Heavenly Home is the first-of-its-kind residential, end-of-life care home in Orange County. Providing physical and spiritual support in a home-like setting, the Heavenly Home will offer facilities and caregiving to those facing their final journey, giving families the freedom to focus on the things that matter most.