The pension rate for the ExxonMobil pension plan has been raised to 3.00%.  

For those clients born before the year 1958, you are grandfathered under the pre-2008 lump sum plan rules. Many of you also know this to be the ‘single rate’ pension calculation.

We have also posted the pension rates for ExxonMobil retirees subject to the three-tier pension calculation.  Please see below:

Effective Dates:

Employees Subject to Single-rate pension calculation:
October 2018-December 2018 – 3.00%

April-June 2018 – 2.75%
July-Sept 2018 – 3.00%

Employees subject to the three-tier pension calculation:

October-December 2018 – 3.10%, 4.20%, 4.59%
July-Sept 2018 – 2.82%, 3.97%, 4.38%

April-June 2018 – 2.27%, 3.56%, 4.18%


Here is an illustration to show the relationship between interest rates and lump sum pension values.


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