‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the city,
The masked UPS man was still delivering, thinking “oh, what a pity”.
Stockings stuffed with Purell were all hung with much care,
In hopes of avoiding the coronavirus, stay home, beware!
The children were nestled, all snug in their beds,
While pictures of Zoom meetings were still stuck in their heads.
This year has been quite crazy, but it started out rather nice,
Who would have thought by year’s end, toilet paper would be overpriced?
Remember nine months ago, before the virus took hold?
I can’t believe we’re still under lockdown, it’s all getting quite old.
Tho’ working from home was rough, it eventually became quite nice
Schooling two kids during the day, catching up on emails late at night.
So many investors were scared when the markets went crazy in Q1,
But Powell flooded the markets with cash, let the bull market run!
Looking back, Tesla and Zoom were the hot “stonks” of the year;
Robinhood’s crew said, “Buy, buy, buy,” no reason to fear.
Despite the markets’ gains, the economic pain is still hard to measure
Small businesses, restaurants, and hotels are still under much pressure.
All Americans have gone through their own adversity
Remember, America is great because of our diversity.
After the summer, the election was on all our minds.
At the debates Trump spoke off the cuff; Biden kept to his lines.
There was pushing and shoving all across the election,
But whatever the outcome we’ll keep moving in the right direction.
Finally, it’s December and two vaccines are already here
It’s quite the achievement, go celebrate, go cheer.
The vaccine came so quick, the science can’t be understated.
I’d rather take the two shots, than get sick and ventilated.
Thank you to the frontline workers, scientists, and firefighters who fought.
So brave, just like Hamilton when he cried for “My Shot”!
Like many of you, Alex said, “I’m young, scrappy, & hungry,”
He formed our central bank, a new line of credit for our young country.
I know it’s not Thanksgiving for I am no dummy.
But after the year we’ve had, I am thankful, for we have plenty.
This is a year where so many of our family and friends are in need
It is time for loving and caring, it is not a time for greed
As I look back, I will not miss you, 2020.
You were a rough year, you were not very friendly.
I welcome 2021 with much anticipation
But I remind us all, the importance of collaboration.
I’ll see you soon Santa, make sure your mask is on nice ‘n’ tight;
Happy holidays to all, and to all a good night!