Alan Ahmatovic, CFA®

Financial Analyst
With Apriem Since 2017

Expertise: Analyzing individual stocks and constructing portfolios with a long-term perspective. It’s the (economic) MOAT that matters.

True love: Investing and learning new things. From sports to philosophy, Alan enjoys the pursuit of knowledge and how life’s lessons apply to making investment decisions.

Finds balance: Playing sports and exercising brings Alan balance outside of the office. He enjoys doing hot yoga, adventuring outdoors and spending time with friends and family.

Giving back: Alan was the philanthropy chair for his college fraternity and is currently the event coordinator for the Jessie Rees Foundation’s Young Professional’s Network. In 2019, he traveled to El Salvador to bring NEGU JoyJars to hospitals and charitable organizations to help kids fighting cancer.

Aiming high: Alan once hiked Mount San Gorgonio, the highest peak in Southern California, with two Marines. They severely under packed and had to fill their water bottles with snow and shake them for drinking water.

Bucket list: Before he “kicks the bucket,” Alan wants to travel around the world with a group of friends and spend time in native habitats to see life from a different perspective.

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