October WOW Recap: Women & Investing

For Apriem’s October WOW event we looked to our own Chief Investment Officer, Benjamin Lau and Senior Financial Analyst Jennifer N. Olson to tackle the topic of Women and Investing.

Benjamin and Jennifer highlighted the unique strengths and skills women have as investors and savers and reviewed what tools are available to assist women in managing their finances more efficiently.

The Apriem duo emphasized the Financial Fitness Fundamentals:

  • Budgeting
  • Saving and Managing Debt
  • Investing and Diversifying
  • Seeking Financial Advice
  • Committing to a Plan
  • Applying and Monitoring the Plan

Benjamin and Jennifer went over how to adapt to the changing circumstances that life can often throw at women. With an action plan in place for targeted areas of change, like marriage, having a family, starting or changing careers, retiring and caring for loved ones, woman can set themselves up for financial success.

Keep an eye out for our next WOW event and head over to our newly redesigned WOW webpage.

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