Industrial Retirement Services answers your retirement questions. Our knowledge and expertise on the retirement plans and benefit packages available allows us to help you select the best benefit mix as you prepare for retirement.

Who We Serve

We specialize in managing assets and retirement planning for two distinct industries.

Oil Refinery


How We Can Help You

Helping You Retire

Our extensive knowledge of these industries allows for an optimized investment strategy.

Helping You Retire

Our deep knowledge of the benefits offered by ExxonMobil allows us to help our clients determine if they are able to safely retire with the savings they’ve accumulated over their lifetime and secure them the best benefits mix based on their pension, healthcare, life insurance, and other benefits including social security and Medicare as they prepare for retirement.

Net Unrealized Appreciation

We are experts on the rules regarding NUA federal tax laws.

Net Unrealized Appreciation

Currently, federal tax laws contain a rule that applies to certain transfers of company stock from the employee’s retirement plan. By leveraging these laws we help retirees minimize their tax liabilities.

The Bigger Picture

At Apriem, we deliver customized, personal service over and above what large corporate firms can offer.

The Bigger Picture

Understanding your accounts is just the first step. As an Apriem client, we look beyond your retirement concerns and ensure your estate plan, financial plan, and investment strategy align to get you where you want to go.

Meet Landon Yoshida

Meet Landon Yoshida, CRPC®, AIF®

For more than a decade, Landon and the Industrial Services team have provided expert counsel to more than 100 families across the country with ties to the Torrance refinery (now Torrance Refining Company). With nearly 20 years experience in the financial services industry, Landon focuses on making personal relationships with his clients a top priority.

He has been featured in the media for his expertise in serving this critical sector of the economy:

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