At our July WOW event, attendees had the opportunity to listen to Nadine Durbach discuss various myths of aging.  Nadine was a very engaging speaker and had loads of pertinent information for us!

Contrary to what you have probably heard before, Nadine shared research that demonstrates you may be at your prime after 65 . After sharing the research, she had us get into small groups to debunk the 8 myths of aging.  These myths are easily refuted if we learn to appreciate the inherent values and attributes of growing into a mature stage of life.

We all left with the knowledge of knowing the difference between the myths and reality:

 Myth:  You’re as old as you feel

Reality: You’re as old as you act


Myth: It’s not how you look, it’s how you feel

Reality: It is how you look, not how you feel


Myth: Life is 90% what happens and 10% how you react

Reality: Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you react

This was a fun and interactive group where we were able to share what wisdom we have learned over the years and get to know each other better!