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Women of Wisdom focuses on the unique financial needs of women just like you. We invite you to participate so you can become more CONFIDENT and expand your knowledge of financial issues and topics. We are all UNIQUE but share one desire to grow as women in wisdom. Come let us celebrate, encourage, embrace and educate you.


WOW in the Community

WOW Womens Wellness Day UCI

Apriem’s WOW program was a proud sponsor of the 2017 UCI Women’s Wellness Day.

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WOW in the News

Apriem President Rhonda Ducote, AIF® discusses exit planning and the steps women should take to prepare themselves for an untimely demise of their family business.

Apriem on Forefront of Movement Toward Working with Women Investors

Apriem President Rhonda Ducote comments on how to empower female clients and the Women of Wisdom program while Vice President of Wealth Management, William Pugh reflects on what he has learned about working with and for women. Below is an excerpt:

“Rhonda Ducote, the president/principal of Apriem Advisors in Irvine, Calif., started her firm’s Women of Wisdom (WOW) program in 2014 to help educate, empower and encourage all women to get more involved in their financial lives. Breadwinners and housewives “have a lot more in common than you think,” she says.

Bill Pugh, a CFP and vice president of wealth management at Apriem Advisors, had advised women clients before joining Apriem nearly three years ago. But he picked up more nuances while shadowing Ducote during the firm’s three-month training program for new hires. “I was impressed by the bonds she built, personally and professionally,” he says.

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