Apriem was featured in the first ever Orange County Business Journal  “The List: Registered Investment Advisors”. Below is an excerpt:

“The fiduciary model is growing faster than brokerage houses”, said Harmon Kong, who co-founded Apriem Advisors in 1998. “The RIA industry is gaining momentum.”

Kong attributed growth to referrals, a “great team”, and a focus on women and industrial workers as clients.

For more information, click here: OCBJ RIA Clip


Disclosure: Apriem Advisors made the list featured in the OCBJ by being an OC-based RIA having over $500 million in assets under management and reporting to the Securities and Exchange Commission. The list is arranged from highest to lowest AUM. About a hundred RIAs did not make the list; their AUM were under $500 Million. Apriem Advisors did not pay a fee to be included in the list of nominees nor in the distribution of the results.