Market Update

Advisor Grabs Three Opportunities While Others Panic

Worries are piling up on investors' minds: a pandemic, elections, the Fed, trade war and the coronavirus stock market crash. But while others panic, Alan Ahmatovic, CFA, financial analyst of Apriem Advisors sees opportunity. Here's an excerpt of the interview: “There will likely be a lot more volatility than investors

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Market Update: March 26th, 2020

How’s everybody feeling? We’re now in week two of the quarantine and social distancing. However, it feels like it's been six months. Despite all the negativity surfacing through the headlines, there have been some positive developments as of late. First and foremost, most grocery stores are re-stocked with toilet paper and you can buy

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Stock Market Meltdown Amid Covid-19 Fears

Stocks are falling faster than they did during the financial crisis, the crash of 1987 or the Great Depression. Investors are retreating from corporate bonds at the swiftest pace ever. Our Chief Investment Officer commented on the swings in stocks: “'It is jarring,' he said. 'It’s not like it’s down

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