Market Update

Revisiting Perspectives

President Donald Trump’s wall, relations with Mexico, phone talks with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, a temporary ban on travelers from seven predominantly Muslim countries. Whenever you turn on the television or your computer, the inescapable, unrelenting conversation ensues. When it comes to investing and your portfolio, it is only natural to focus on the short-term

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Investment 101: Floating Rate Loans

Historically, floating-rate loans outperform the broad bond market in flat- and rising-rate environments. Given that the Fed raised rates in December and with more increases expected in 2017, floating rate bonds can benefit from it. Floating-rate loans, also called bank loans or leveraged loans, are below-investment grade corporate debts. They are called “floating rate” because

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Year End Note from Apriem

Looking back at 2016 it looks like we had a remarkable year.  The year did not start off so bright though.  Facing a slowing economy and a drop in corporate profits America equity markets started the year off slowly.  Those concerns caused a rush of money into safe haven assets.  From Treasury bonds and boring

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Election Update

I admit, I love this kind of stuff. I was up late watching the Brexit vote and I was up late last night watching our presidential election. As Trump closed in on 270, I also loved watching the stunned faces of many broadcasters. Just as Brexit, last night’s election has proven that modern day polling

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Finding Opportunity in Today’s Market Environment

The US market has reached record highs supported by historically low level interest rates. However, the Fed is seeking the right time to raise rates while other central banks across the globe are implementing expansionary measures. These divergences in central bank actions make considering additional opportunities within the global markets essential.   We recently attended

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