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Market Update: January 19th, 2021

In economics, there are several different indicators that can tell us the state of the economy today (lagging indicators) and tomorrow (leading indicators).  However, there is an unconventional indicator that is “reserved” by the banks that isn’t found in Econ 101 textbooks.  This would be a balance sheet item known as loan loss reserves. 

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Market Update: December 14th, 2020

My children have been particularly keen on poems recently. Especially my older son, Connor. I think they enjoy the tenor and rhythm of the poems, much like their favorite songs. It’s exciting to revisit old books from my childhood like Shel Silverstein’s classic Where the Sidewalk Ends. For those that don’t remember, the book

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Market Update: November 23rd, 2020

Last week was a quiet one prior to Thanksgiving.  News headlines continue to focus on the drawn-out election results and Rudy Giuliani’s hair dye. However, what really bolstered markets last week was hope that a COVID vaccine is around the corner.  Investors were certainly thankful for Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccine news.  UK-based AstraZeneca has

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