Foundational Asset Management (FAM)

Start Your Journey to Financial Success!

It is our vision for everyone to have access to a financial plan regardless of the stage of life they are in or amount of assets one has to invest.

With this platform, Apriem can efficiently serve new clients who have assets to invest, but fall below traditional account minimums and do not want/need all the resources of a full-service advisory firm.

How We Can Help You

FAM helps those who are in the accumulation phase of their life and seeking a blended approach between hands-on financial advice and a Robo-Advisor, providing:

Automated Investment Management

Through Schwab Institutional Intelligent Portfolios®, program enrollment offers:

Automated account opening and onboarding.

Robust portfolios that reflects the Apriem investment philosophy.

Automated rebalancing and tax-loss harvesting (optional).

Foundational Financial Plan

Foundational Financial Plan is built to help you set and achieve your future financial goals!

Goals-based financial planning with a CFP® Professional.

Risk tolerance & investment time horizon analysis.

Up to 2 planning meetings per year.

Expert Advice from your CFP® Professional

Two calls with a live CFP® Professional per year providing answers to your most important financial questions, such as:

How much should I save?

Do I need an emergency fund?

Am I on track to purchase a home?

How can I better manage my debts?

I am Ready to Sign Up for FAM

Open your FAM account and meet your CFP® professional in 3 simple steps:

  • Enter the code: R5PQ
  • Answer 10 questions about your experience with investing
  • Receive a recommended asset allocation
  • Follow the prompts to open a Schwab account
  • Account minimum: $5,000

Once the Foundational Asset Management (FAM) Agreement is signed, you will receive an email confirmation that needs to be acknowledged in order for the document to be sent to the Apriem team.

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification is the standard of excellence in financial planning.

Schedule a meeting with your CFP® Professional to start your financial plan and ask any questions.

Learn More About FAM

In this episode of Apriem Financial Cents, Josh Garland, ChFC®, AIF®, handpicks a clip from an Apriem Virtual Event titled “A New Generation of Advising” to highlight the key differences between a Robo-Advisor, FAM and Wealth Management Services.

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