Foundational Asset Management (FAM)

Start Your Journey to Financial Success!

Apriem FAM helps those who are in the accumulation phase of their life and seeking a blended approach between hands-on financial advice and a Robo-Advisor, providing:

  1. Automated Investment Management with a Robo-Advisor
  2. Creation of a Foundation Financial Plan
  3. Access to a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional

Schwab Institutional Intelligent Portfolios®

Automated Investment Management!

With this platform, Apriem can efficiently serve new client segments who have assets to invest, but fall below traditional account minimums and do not want/need all the resources of a full-service advisory firm. Enrollment in the program offers:

  • Automated risk profile questionnaire to identify your goals, risk tolerance and investment horizon.
  • Robust portfolios that reflects the Apriem investment philosophy.
  • Automated rebalancing, tax-loss harvesting (optional), and digital onboarding.
  • Account Minimum: $5,000
  • FAQ by Schwab
  • FAQ by Apriem

Foundational Financial Plan

Plan for Success!

Get yourself on track with a Foundational Financial Plan, built to help you set and achieve your future financial goals! Enrollment includes:

  • Goals-based financial planning with a CFP® Professional
  • Risk tolerance & investment time horizon analysis
  • Up to 2 planning meetings per year

Your CFP® Professional

Expert Advice!

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification is the standard of excellence in financial planning. Enrollment offers:

  • 2 Calls with a live CFP® Professional per year providing answers to your most important financial questions, such as:
    • How much should I save?
    • Do I need an emergency fund?
    • Am I on track to purchase a home?
    • How can I better manage my debts?
    • Do I need a budget?
    • When can I retire?

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