2020 Summer Finance Interns

This year’s internship looked a little different due to Covid-19, but our 2020 interns made the most of it! The Apriem teams applauds their willingness to adapt while engaging with us over these past few weeks. Let’s meet our interns:

Cade Covarrubias: Cade will be a senior at the University of Southern California and is majoring in Business Administration and Performance Science. Cade enjoys both watching and playing sports as well as trying new things. He is passionate about learning and caring for others. Cade strives to do things in life that make him happy with the goal that he will be able to help others truly get the best out of life.

Kyle Farmer: Kyle is an incoming senior at San Diego State University studying Financial Services. When he isn’t studying or interning, Kyle enjoys being outdoors, particularly surfing or going fishing with his brother. He is a hard worker and strives to put himself in the best position to succeed. He does this through pushing himself out of his comfort zone and taking every opportunity he can to grow in the financial services industry.

Quinn Charlton: Quinn is going into his final year at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and is studying Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. Quinn’s hobbies include playing golf and chess, learning, and spending time with friends. He is passionate about education and wellness. Quinn enjoys broadening his understanding on various subjects through reading.

Our internship is a highly competitive, paid internship for college juniors and seniors that emphasizes on learning about each department and then completing projects utilizing the knowledge learned. “I initially expected to be handed a lot of grunt work and wasn’t sure how much time we would actually have to spend advisors in the firm,” says Kyle, “However, the actual internship was the opposite of that.” Quinn added, “Everyone at Apriem has been incredibly welcoming and involved in the internship program and I feel like I am a part of the Apriem family.”

Throughout the program, interns are offered a unique experience where college students are fully immersed in the various departments of Apriem. “Getting to see how everyone at Apriem contributes to the company, as well as being able to ask my own questions about what I am interested in, has grown my financial knowledge tenfold and given me more confidence in what I know about the industry moving forward,” Cade explained. Kyle talked about how he really enjoyed being able to meet with almost every team member from every department and go over what a day in their shoes was like.

When asked what was the main thing that you learned form Apriem’s internship program, Kyle answered, “I really respect how intelligently advisors approach different client meetings. They are able to handle a wide variety of situations on the fly and deal with all different sorts of clients from such diverse backgrounds.” Quinn explained how the idea of financial independence resonated with him. “Chris laid out exactly what it means and he showed us that it is achievable.”

Our interns completed the program with a new understanding of personal finance and the impact these tools will have on their lives. “I always had the tendency to have some sort of safety net. I did not realize the potential I could have financially until I understood what risk is and how it relates to me and my goals,” Cade shared.

Apriem Advisors is proud to see that our interns left the program with a deep understanding of how to build personal wealth, become comfortable with various investment markets, and learn how to create a world-class client experience. “This was another fantastic year of our program, and I know all three of these young men will be very successful wherever they end up!” said Christopher Whitaker, Internship Coordinator.