2021 Summer Finance Interns

Our team was excited to host our 2021 interns this summerApriem had a great group of interns this year who were engaged in the program and had the opportunity to help us with many different projectsLet’s meet our interns: 

Jamie Prahm: Jamie graduated from Arizona State University with a major in Health Sciences and a Business minor. She enjoys walking her dog and spending time out in the sun, especially at the beach! Jamie is an extremely organized individual in all aspects of life, schoolwork, business, and home life. She is passionate about creating and maintaining relationships with people and planning events for her family and friends. 

 Griffen Miller: Griffen is going into his final year at the University of Arizona with a major in Information Systems. During his free time, Griffen enjoys playing golf and going to the beach. He is passionate about new technologies that advance society and allow people to live a better life. 

 Clayton Kimball: Clayton is an incoming Senior at San Diego State University majoring in Finance with a minor in Real Estate. In his spare time, Clayton enjoys mountain biking. He likes to live a balanced lifestyle and values his family, friends, fitness, and faith. Clayton is passionate about the stock market and enjoys identifying trends and patterns in the market to help others find success in their finances.

Our paid internship is highly competitive and allows college students to, not only learn about each department, but gain first-hand experience in the industry through projects, meetings, and shadowing our team. “I initially expected to be doing general intern jobs and gain a very basic understanding of the finance world,” said Griffen. “However, we were blown away by the knowledge and experience we gained,” added Clayton, “the experience gained from creating stock analysis reports, financial plans, and presenting to the team gave us some insight into what direction we want to start our careers in.”  

At Apriem, we value teaching our interns about personal finance as well as the industry. “The internship was structured similarly to an accelerated college course,” Jamie said, “We received a binder with modules breaking down the main concepts we would learn. We worked with each department for about a week at a time. They taught us the main components of their role and we watched them do their job in real-time.”  Clayton added that they felt included and accepted while learning and seeing what each team accomplishes daily.  

Throughout the program, Apriem team members showed the interns what the Apriem Way looks like, both with clients and in the office. Griffen appreciated how interconnected all the departments are and noted that, “it was really great to see that everyone cares about putting the client first.” Jamie added, “I learned the importance of having a strong team with strong values. The energy, graciousness, and communication within the Apriem team allows for such a positive environment.” 

When asked what about Apriem’s internship program impacted them, Clayton answered, “I learned how you can both succeed and enjoy what you do to the fullest.” Griffen added that he got a lot out of creating his own financial plan. “I now have a better understanding on the importance of compounding interest in a financial plan. Saving and investing now can have a monumental impact on my future finances.” Jamie enjoyed learning about Apriem’s charitable arm, “The charitable side of Apriem gives everyone a greater purpose and a more gracious attitude.” 

Everyone here at Apriem is proud of our interns and happy to see that they each took away a valuable lesson from the program.