The Jessie Rees Foundation focuses on encouraging kids fighting cancer to Never Ever Give Up!

On May 3rd, the Apriem Team went to the JoyJar® factory in Irvine, CA to stuff JoyJars® that will be sent to patients and hospitals around the world. These fun-filled, love-stuffed JoyJars® are free to patients and hospitals, and filled with new toys and activities for boys and girls ages 18 and younger.

Over the years our philanthropic arm, Apriem Cares, has decided to support Jessie Rees Foundation because of their commitment to send hope and joy to courageous kids fighting cancer. The foundation’s mission is to help every kid fighting cancer to Never Ever Give Up! They fulfill our mission by connecting with families, bringing awareness to their stories, offering them a network of helpful resources and sending the entire family continual doses of encouragement throughout their journey.

To learn more about this incredible organization or to get involved go to .