On Thursday, September 12th, our Women of Wisdom attended an Investments 101 seminar hosted by members from our very own investment team: Ben Lau – Chief Investment Officer, and Alan Ahmatovic – Financial Analyst. During the presentation, Ben & Alan walked through the fundamentals of the broad asset classes (stocks, bonds, and alternatives), valuing companies, and the importance of a diversified portfolio. Throughout the presentation there was also a lot of interaction between the speakers and the audience. Some questions were about the direct material in the presentation such as stock valuation metrics like the Price to Earnings Ratio (a metric useful for comparing companies and measuring a company’s growth potential). Although, many questions were about the current market climate. Main topics addressed in these set of questions were issues like the trade war and its impact on the US economy, implications of the yield curve inversion (and how historically markets have given double digit returns between the time of an inversion and a recession), and the investigation into Big Tech.

One of the main takeaways came from the concluding slide which outlined habits that make a highly effective investor. These habits of effective investors, from a BlackRock survey, include regularly reviewing finances, spending time to get informed, seeking financial advice, managing debt, prioritize saving for retirement, diversifying portfolios, and planning for big moments (or emergencies).