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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE— June 1, 2016, Irvine, CA.  Apriem Advisors announced today that it is honored to support The Jessie Rees Foundation and become a Hope sponsor of the upcoming “Celebration of Courageous Smiles” Gala on June 11, 2016. “One of Apriem’s core values is giving back to our community and investing in organizations making a significant impact in people’s lives,” said Harmon Kong, Chief Wealth Manager and Founding Principal of Apriem Advisors, a private wealth management and financial advisory firm located in Irvine California. “The Jessie Rees Foundation and NEGU (Never Ever Give Up) motto is a shining example of an organization making a huge difference with children and families facing childhood cancer every day.”

“We are honored and humbled to have the support of Apriem Advisors for our 5th Annual Gala,” stated Erik Rees, CEO of the foundation. “Because of Apriem, we are able to send Jessie’s JoyJars to kids fighting cancer around the world, and it’s clear that Apriem is a Compassionate Corporation.”

The “Celebration of Courageous Smiles” Gala is the foundation’s yearly event that recognizes the faces of pediatric cancer, research, and of course, raises awareness and funds. Each year, this event allows the foundation to provide thousands of JoyJars (its signature product) to children fighting cancers around the world, encouraging and supporting them in their fight. Kong added that Apriem has seen firsthand how the JoyJars have lifted the spirits of children who are courageously fighting cancer.

“Apriem continues to be inspired by the hard work of the NEGU team and their commitment to support the whole family impacted by cancer,” added Kong. “We are eager for June 11th, when we will hear incredible stories of hope and raise funds so we can continue to help expand the impact of the Jessie Rees Foundation.”

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