FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE— IRVINE, California – October 15, 2019– the Orange County Business Journal, partnered with OneOC and Points of Light, has recognized Apriem Advisors as a 2019 Civic 50 Honoree. Apriem Advisors, along with 49 other firms, was chosen as the 50 most community-minded companies, known as the Civic 50.

Civic 50 Orange County, now in its third year, is a ceremony to recognize honorees by benchmarking and celebrating best practices. It provides visibility and a framework for how local companies can use their employees’ time, skills and other resources to improve the quality of life in their community. Civic 50 OC honorees are selected based upon four dimensions of their community engagement programs: investment, integration, institutionalization and impact, as determined by an annual survey independently administered and scored by True Impact.

“Apriem strives to involve all aspect of our business to be a part of Apriem’s generosity story,” said Harmon Kong, founder and principal of Apriem Advisors.

He comes from a large family of seven, where his father was the sole provider on a teacher’s salary.  While the family did not have much, he recalls as a young boy how his Father modeled generosity.  On weekends the family would have large family picnics at the parks on the island of Oahu, where his parents were born and raised.  When it came time to eat, Harmon’s father would invite everyone in the general vicinity to join the family for a meal.  Harmon would ask his father, “Who are these people?”  and his father would answer, “Well son, they are strangers, but we must treat everyone like ‘Ohana’”, which means family in the Hawaiian language. This perspective has carried through as a guiding principle at Apriem in the form of serving others; including their team, clients, and community through signature initiatives.

In 2011, Apriem started the Industrial Retiree Service specializing in the industrial sector. Here they focus on managing assets for blue-collar workers who spend their lives in the refineries, plants, and shipyards of Southern California. Three years later in 2014, they launched Women of Wisdom (WOW) to encourage, embrace and educate women to become more involved in their family finances. And on the same year, their charitable arm, ‘Apriem Cares’, was formalized in order to build deep relationships with organizations serving causes dear to them: women, children, and education.

Apriem Advisors, along with the other finalists, was highlighted in the September 16th issue of Orange County Business Journal, online at The award ceremony was held on October 16th in Irvine, CA.

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About Apriem Advisors: Located in Irvine, Calif., Apriem Advisors is an independent, registered investment advisory firm. It manages assets for approximately 500 families worldwide, totaling more than $725 million in assets under management. True to its Latin-based namesake, Apriem strives to provide its clients with the highest degree of service while handling all facets of their finances, helping them to experience financial security and freedom. Connect with us at

Awards Disclosure: Civic 50 Orange County companies are evaluated based upon the following four dimensions of their community engagement: (1) Investment: How extensively and strategically the company applies its resources to community engagement in Orange County, including employee time and skills, cash, in-kind giving and public leadership. (2) Integration: How a company’s Orange County community engagement program supports business interests and integrates into business functions, or how it “does well by doing good.”(3) Institutionalization: How the company supports community engagement in Orange County through its organizational policies, systems, and incentives.(4) Impact: How the company measures the social and business outputs and outcomes of its Orange County community engagement program. Apriem did not pay a fee to participate in the award.