Apriem recently attended NEGU’s annual gala. The NEGU Gala is a joyful celebration of courage and strength of families whose children are fighting cancer. We had a memorable evening that honored compassionate individuals and dedicated companies who have decided to take Jessie’s NEGU challenge and help in extraordinary ways. We’re honored to be named NEGU’s 2022 Compassionate Company of the Year! Apriem has been a NEGU partner for 7 years. Thank you NEGU for this acclamation.

 “Each of our Compassionate Companies devotes resources, time, and support to the Jessie Rees Foundation, children fighting cancer, and their families.” NEGU

NEGU fulfills its mission by connecting with families, bringing awareness to their stories, offering them a network of helpful resources and sending the entire family continual doses of encouragement throughout their journey.

Disclosure: Apriem Advisors and staff did not pay a fee to get this particular award. The award was given on March, 19, 2022 and based on data as of December 31, 2021. Award was given at the sole discretion of the Jessie Rees Foundation. For more information about The Jessie Rees Foundation, visit https://negu.org/our-mission/