Part 1 – The Language of Finance

In order to build lasting wealth, you must first learn the language. Wall Street is famous for using ultra-confusing jargon that needlessly over-complicates the process. The first part of our series will be based around decoding that language so that we can understand what it takes to build a solid foundation.

Part 2 – Your Wealth Engine

Financial independence means no longer having to trade in your most valuable resource for money. We’re going to learn how your money can make you even more money. In Part 1, we defined the terms. Now it’s time to start looking at your wealth engine.

Part 3 – Advanced Wealth Hacks

Everyone enjoys a good life hack. In Part 3, we explore a handful of incredibly powerful wealth building methods. By applying what we learned in the previous sessions, we will be able to take advantage of the system by utilizing key financial tips and strategies.

Part 4 – The G.O.A.T.

For our finale, we will be analyzing some of the best wealth builders in history. How did they start? What methods did they use? What are their similarities and differences? These are real life examples of how the concepts in our series can create lasting wealth.