Three-peat: Apriem Advisors Named An Elite RIA by Financial Times

Apriem Advisors was named one of the top 300 RIAs in the United States for the third year in a row by the Financial Times. The 2019 edition of the Financial Times 300 Top Registered Investment Advisers (FT 300) recognizes top independent RIA firms from across the U.S. based on desirable traits for investors and

Apriem Featured in OCBJ’s List of RIAs

Apriem was featured in the first ever Orange County Business Journal  "The List: Registered Investment Advisors". Below is an excerpt: “The fiduciary model is growing faster than brokerage houses”, said Harmon Kong, who co-founded Apriem Advisors in 1998. “The RIA industry is gaining momentum.” Kong attributed growth to referrals, a “great team”, and a focus

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Investors Shift Toward Stocks, Driven by ‘Fear of Missing Out’

Stocks have stabilized and investors are taking note, with some analysts expecting growth to continue despite a projected economic slowdown. This is driving many investors to scramble to better position themselves in the stock market. Our CIO Benjamin Lau commented on this latest trend in an article reported by The Wall Street Journal. Here is

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Market Plunge Triggers Searches for “Recession,” “Yield Curve”

As the stock market implodes, the general public began looking for answers online. One of the most searched for terms on Google was "yield curve inversion," a data point that investors use to predict recessions. Our CIO Benjamin Lau explains what's fueling this negative sentiment in an article reported by Bloomberg.  Here is an excerpt:

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CIO is Optimistic about Economy Despite Falling Dow

With the Dow Jones Industrial Average falling, market participants continue to worry about ongoing Chinese trade negotiations, as well as slowing economic growth, Apriem’s Benjamin Lau explains… "If the economy was stronger, these trade talks wouldn't be as concerning," said Benjamin Lau, chief investment officer of Apriem Advisors. "We think the economy is going

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CIO Lau Discusses Geopolitics As Trade Woes Weigh on the Dow

With a key index plunging 300 points after the holiday weekend, the government shutdown got replaced by the trade war for the No. 1 source of economic anxiety. Apriem’s Ben Lau explains... "It’s a combination of a lot of things; the government shutdown, lowering growth expectations for the world and the U.S., earnings estimates," said Benjamin

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Lau: ‘Emotionally Driven’ Market Takes Drastic Turns

After plunging 600 points in the morning, the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained all of its losses back - and then some.  But the uncertainty that still persists makes it difficult to call a bottom, Apriem CIO Benjamin Lau tells CNBC. Below is an excerpt from the article: Benjamin Lau, chief investment officer of Apriem

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Dow Rallies a Historic 1,000 Points in Wild End-of-Year Session

Following the stock market's worst Christmas Eve, traders "bought the dip" and sent the indexes soaring higher for an equally historic surge. However, Apriem's Benjamin Lau warns that sellers aren't through with this market yet. Below is an excerpt for the article in USA Today. "I’m not convinced this is a turnaround rally," said Benjamin Lau,

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