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Happy Holidays! May Your Gifting Be Tax Efficient

By Christpher Whitaker, CFP, AIF ‘Tis the season! The tryptophan from overloading on turkey is finally wearing off, holiday decorations are getting lugged in from the garage and your annual planner is nearing the last page of the year. It also happens to be the season for some end-of-year tax planning! One of the most

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Opportunity Knocks? IRS Clarifies Tax Benefits to Investing in Low-Income Zones

By Benjamin Lau, Chief Investment Officer A little-known proposal in President Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) last year included a provision that seems extremely appealing for many investors. In an attempt to encourage new investments into underdeveloped areas of America, the government is offering substantial tax benefits. Seems too good to be true, right? 

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ExxonMobil Pension Interest Rate for Q4 2018

The pension rate for the ExxonMobil pension plan has been raised to 3.00%.   For those clients born before the year 1958, you are grandfathered under the pre-2008 lump sum plan rules. Many of you also know this to be the ‘single rate’ pension calculation. We have also posted the pension rates for ExxonMobil retirees subject

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Team Apriem Back from an IMPACTful Week in Chicago

By Jennifer Olson, CFA, CFP Senior Financial Analyst The Apriem Advisors team attended the Schwab IMPACT 2017 conference last week in Chicago and got to see some of the world’s greatest influencers in economics, politics, technology, philanthropy and entertainment. David Cameron, former prime minister of the United Kingdom, spoke about U.S. politics, regulation, immigration and

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October WOW Recap: Women & Investing

For Apriem’s October WOW event we looked to our own Chief Investment Officer, Benjamin Lau and Senior Financial Analyst Jennifer N. Olson to tackle the topic of Women and Investing. Benjamin and Jennifer highlighted the unique strengths and skills women have as investors and savers and reviewed what tools are available to assist women in

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Inverse Budgeting, The Most Successful Spending Plan

Money is an essential part of life, but the paradox is no one wants to talk about it. A study conducted by Wells Fargo revealed that personal finance (44%) was more difficult of a topic to discuss than death (38%), politics (35%), religion (32%), taxes (21%), and personal health (20%). One explanation for this phenomenon

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