Help Me, Help You

I would like to introduce myself and give our readers a different point of view on the crazy market we have been experiencing this year. My name is Cole Ducote, and I am an Associate Financial Planner here at Apriem. I joined the Apriem family last year and I am coming up on my

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Quality is King

When I can, I spend a good chunk of my free time listening to financial podcasts or exploring rabbit holes of conversations on Twitter. I learn a lot about topics I otherwise would not have encountered, I learn about terms I otherwise would not know what they mean, and I

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Six Tips for Creating Good Financial Habits

By Jennifer Olson, CFA, CIPM, CFP®, Senior Financial Analyst — Seven years ago, I dated a guy whose food budget was $25 a week. What?!? How can someone live on that budget? People wondered why I would date a struggling 25-year-old part-time college student who was working full-time to send himself to college.

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New Baby Checklist: 7 Ways to Get Your Finances Ready

By Christopher Whitaker, CFP®, AIF®, Financial Advisor As a young parent just starting off on this journey, I’ve come to realize that not all who wander are lost. Some are just parents, in Target, hiding from their children. Raising kids is a tough task! Sleepless nights, random tantrums, encouraging them to walk,

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